Find more about me here: http://jakewest.ca/

Jake’s life’s work is divided into 3 fields.  All of equal importance to each other.

1.  Education.

Jake is wholeheartedly committed to education.  Arguably one of the most explosive fields to be in going forward. Massive, radical change is about to happen and our education system will be forced to adapt. It is an incredibly exciting time for those who are prepared for it.

8+ years of experience teaching ESL, Circus, BC High School Academics, Digital Media, First Nations, Film, Theater, Japanese, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Emergent Curriculum and Interdisciplinary Inquiry.

Jake teaches at The Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry.  He is dedicated to giving back.

2.  Performing.

“I have to do it.  It is in the very fiber of my being.  I tried to stop doing it once and my soul couldn’t take it.”

11+ years experience on many diverse stages.  Jake has created highly engaging, energetic, interactive performances and presentations which include comedy/clown/character and prop manipulation. Intensely physical, Jake brings a dynamic presence to the stage.  He has been invited to audition for Cirque du Soleil.

Sample list of past performances: Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, BMW, Pepsi, Maytag, Cenovus, Vancouver Circus School, Children’s Cancer Foundation, and hundreds more streets shows, festivals, special events and theaters.

3.  Solopreneur.

5 years investing/speculating in precious metals and TSX Venture. 11 years in sales.

Monetary Historian. Analyst.  Marketer.  Salesman.

Jake is a well-read, inquisitive, highly motivated creative thinker, artist and educator.  He truly looks forward to serving you in the near future.


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