Sometimes, you have to do your own thing…

Today, Will Richardson, one heckuva new school educator, tweeted out a free ebook on changing education.  I looked at the table of contents and it looks pretty good.  But you know, I am doing it – I am actually leading the change in education.

I have written about how education needs to change.  I have voraciously read the leaders in the field.  I have tried with all my might to become one, and now, I am there.  In no way do I mean to toot my horn, not in the slightest, I still have so much to learn.  What is interesting though, is that the initial research is over.  Long gone.  I am in the midst of creating, with my colleagues, a brand new system of education.  We are in the thick of it.

It is so tough.  So, so tough.  Talk is cheap.  You can talk all you want about changing the system, but actually doing it, that is an entirely different story.  I think the time has come for us to write our own book.  Well, maybe not quite yet (we have no time – busy building a new system).  Soon though.

There is simply no way to know what we have learned without actually doing it.  Theory is all well and fine, but practice is where it really counts.  I look forward to the future to be able to consult educators – not talk about it – well a little I guess, but more do it.  That is where the true effectiveness lies.


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