Through the artistic lens…

Learn by doing.  I strongly believe in “getting your hands dirty education” and picking things up as you go along.  That is how I see the arts and hence, it is how I see teaching.  We are working on film, choreography, scripts, rhythm, hip hop, improv…I love it.  My days are full of creative process.  It is thrilling work.

So much is learned from taking the seedling of an idea into a polished, finished state.  It takes months of training, rehearsal and practice which teaches discipline, focus and determination (not to mention tons of creative and critical thinking processes).

I am doing my best to co-construct it in an interdisciplinary inquiry based approach.  Already, the arts lend themselves so well to this approach.  Making a film cuts across so many subjects.  I am just on the cusp of being able to turn this arts lens into full blown inquiry.   I am so close I can taste it.


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